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Price  - R 799.00

Run Time: 24 hour(s)

Number of discs:4

  Genesis - DVD- Commentary

Chuck Missler


The Genesis Commentary includes the following studies:

  • Genesis Session 1- Introduction, The Book of Beginnings, Is the Bible Inerrant?
  • Genesis Session 2- Day One, Satan, The Mysteries of Light.
  • Genesis Session 3- 2nd Day, The Fabric of Space, Stretching the Heavens, Hyperdimensions, Boundaries of Reality.
  • Genesis Session 4- 3rd Day, Dry Land, Seas, Vegetation, The Water Molecule, The Cell Revealed.
  • Genesis Session 5- 4th Day, The Nebular Hypothesis, The Long Day of Joshua, Signs in the Heavens.
  • Genesis Session 6- 5th Day, The Mystery of Life.
  • Genesis Session 7- 6th Day, The Architecture of Man, The Nature of Time.
  • Genesis Session 8- 7th Day, The Sabbath.
  • Genesis Session 9- Chapter 3, The Seed Plot of the Entire Bible.
  • Genesis Session 10- Chapters 4 & 5, The 2nd Murder, The Geneology of Noah.
  • Genesis Session 11- Chapter 6, The Days of Noah.
  • Genesis Session 12- Chapters 7 & 8, The Flood.
  • Genesis Session 13- Chapters 9 & 10, The Post-Flood World.
  • Genesis Session 14- Chapter 11, The Tower of Bab-El.
  • Genesis Session 15- Chapters 12 - 15, The Call of Abraham.
  • Genesis Session 16- Chapters 16 - 20, The Walk of Abraham.
  • Genesis Session 17- Chapters 21, 22, 24, The Birth of Isaac, The Offering of Isaac, A Bride for Isaac.
  • Genesis Session 18- Chapters 23, 25-27, The Death of Sarah, Birth of Esau and Jacob, The Covenant Confirmed, The Stolen Blessing.
  • Genesis Session 19- Chapters 28-31, Jacob at Bethel, Leah and Rachel, Sons of Jacob, Jacob's Flight.
  • Genesis Session 20- Chapters 32-36, Jacob's Wrestling, Jacob Reconciles With Esau, Dinah Avenged, Jacob Returns to Bethel, The Generations of Esau.
  • Genesis Session 21- Chapters 37-39, Joseph's Dreams, Judah's Sin With Tamar (Review of Ruth), Joseph Imprisoned.
  • Genesis Session 22- Chapters 40-45, Joseph in Egypt.
  • Genesis Session 23- Chapters 46-48 & 50, The Family in Egypt.
  • Genesis Session 24- Chapter 49, The Tribes Prophetically.

Price: R 399.00

Run Time: 10 hour(s)
Number of discs:4

Numbers Commentary - DVD

Chuck Missler

In Hebrew, Bmidbar means ''in the wilderness,'' which is the real name of this book. The Greek translators called it Arithmoi, and in Latin it was Numeri, because the translators focused on the two census takings at the beginning and the end of the wanderings. But its basically ''the wilderness wanderings.''

Numbers is really a book about arrested progress. In a sense, it never should have happened. It took only 40 hours to get Israel out of Egypt - the Passover. But it took 40 years to get Egypt out of Israel.

  • Numbers Session 1- Introduction, Chapters 1-2

  • Numbers Session 2- The Duties of the Levites, Ch. 3-4

  • Numbers Session 3- Preparations of the Camp, Ch. 5-10

  • Numbers Session 4- Journey to Kadesh Barnea, Ch. 10-14

  • Numbers Session 5- The Journey to the Plains of Moab, Ch. 15-20

  • Numbers Session 6- Engaging the Canaanites, Ch. 21-25

  • Numbers Session 7- Preparing to Enter the Land, Ch. 26-31

  • Numbers Session 8- The Land of Promise, Ch. 32-36




Price R399.00

Run Time: 10 hour's
Number of discs: 5


Ruth & Esther

Both of these books, filled with all the intrigue, romance, and action of any modern-day screen play, have been heralded for their literary value for centuries. But this is not their most rewarding feature. God's use of these two faithful women brings a new understanding of God's faithfulness and the importance of our faithful participation.


Price: R 799.00
Run Time: 16 hour's
Number of discs: 8


I and II Chronicles

n Hebrew, this book is called dibhere ha-yamim: ''the words concerning the days.'' The Jewish Bible regards the Old Testament as 22 books and Chronicles is counted as a single book. I and II Chronicles take the form of a history: David and Judah are the focal points. The emphasis of I and II Chronicles is on the Southern kingdom and the preservation of the Davidic line.  

The first nine chapters in I Chronicles are a genealogy from Adam to Jacob, Jacob to David, and David to Zedekiah. The writer of Chronicles, who is concerned with the nation and the monarchy, starts with Adam. The Holy Spirit is points out that this history of the Davidic line, in effect, benefits all mankind, not just the Jews.

Explore I and II Chronicles verse-by-verse with Chuck Missler. This is a 2-volume set with eight audios in each volume, including notes.

  • Session 1 - I Chronicles 1-3: Background. The Patriarchal Genealogies. The Genealogy of Judah. The Genealogy of David.
  • Session 2 - I Chronicles 4-9: The Genealogies of Judah and Simeon; Levi; the Six Northern Tribes; Benjamin; the Leaders, Priests and Levites.
  • Session 3 - I Chronicles 10-13: The Death of Saul. The Reign of David. David and the Ark.
  • Session 4 - I Chronicles 14-17: David’s Family. Ark Brought to Jerusalem. David and the Temple. The Davidic Covenant.
  • Session 5 - I Chronicles 18-21: The Wars of David. Rephaim and Nephilim. David’s Census and His Resulting Sin.
  • Session 6 - I Chronicles 22-25: David’s Temple Plans. Theocratic Organization. Singers and Musicians.
  • Session 7 - I Chronicles 26-29: David’s Final Reign. Civil Government. David’s Final Message.
  • Session 8 - II Chronicles 1-4: Reign of Solomon. Preparations to Build and Building the Temple. Our Personal Architecture.
  • Session 9 - II Chronicles 5-8: The Dedication of the Temple. The Feasts of Israel. Solomon’s Years of Conquest.
  • Session 10 - II Chronicles 9-12: The Queen of Sheba. Rehoboam Takes Over. The Kingdom Divides. The Attack by Egypt.
  • Session 11 - II Chronicles 13-16: King Abijah and His Mother. King Asa’s Obedience, Reforms, and Lapse of Faith.
  • Session 12 - II Chronicles 17-23: King Jehoshaphat and His Alliance with Ahab. Jehoram, Ahaziah & Athaliah.
  • Session 13 - II Chronicles 24-28: Queen Athaliah, Joash, Amaziah, Uzziah, Jotham, and Ahaz.
  • Session 14 - II Chronicles 29-32: The Great Passover. Temple Worship Reestablished. Sennacherib’s Invasion.
  • Session 15 - II Chronicles 33-36: Manasseh and Josiah. Pharaoh Necho. The Final Days.
  • Session 16 - II Chronicles Addendum: The Ark of the Covenant. The Mercy Seat. The Gift from Ethiopia.




PRICE R799.00

Run Time: 24 hour's
Number of discs: 8





The Book of Psalms Session 1

Psalms 1 - 2


Psalms is Israel’s hymnal; it is poetry laced with strong theology. In

Hebrew, this book is called Tehillim = “Praises.” There are 55 psalms. 

The Book of Psalms Session 2

Psalms 3 - 10

Psalms: A Caveat for our Souls

The Book of Psalms Session 3

Psalms 11 - 18


The Book of Psalms Session 4

Psalms 19 – 21


The Book of Psalms Session 5

Psalms 22 – 24

The Shepherd Psalms


The Book of Psalms Session 6

Psalms 25 – 30


The Book of Psalms Session 7

Psalms 31 – 36

The next 10 psalms are personal, quiet and intimate.

The Book of Psalms Session 8

Psalms 37 – 41

Christ’s birth, betrayal, agony, death, resurrection, ascension, coming again in glory, and His worldwide reign—all pictured in inspired vividness n the Psalms (even more than Isaiah).


The Book of Psalms Session 9

Book II: The Exodus Section

Psalms 42 – 48


The Book of Psalms Session 10

Psalms 49 – 51


The Book of Psalms Session 11

Psalms 52 - 55


The Book of Psalms Session 12

Psalms 56 – 60

 The Book of Psalms Session 13

Psalms 61 – 68

 A cluster of eight psalms: The cry and confi dence of the godly.


The Book of Psalms Session 14

Psalms 69 – 72

 The Book of Psalms Session 15

Book III: Psalms 73 - 80

Book III

 Book III is viewed as corresponding to the Book of Leviticus because

in this section—even in Psalm 73—the sanctuary is prominent. Leviticus

is the book of worship for the tabernacle and later for the temple.

It is one of the greatest books in the Bible. In this section we fi nd the

emphasis upon the sanctuary and, in particular, on two aspects of the

house of God.

The Book of Leviticus emphasizes two things: that God is holy and that

without shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.

The Book of Psalms Session 16

Book III Psalms 81 – 89


The Book of Psalms Session 17

Psalms 90 - 100

Book IV: “Numbers” Section (Psalms 90-106)

The theme of Book IV is Peril and Protection. The Book of Numbers

records the great tragedy of a generation dying in the wilder ness, never reaching their goal: the Promised Land. How appropriate


The Book of Psalms Session 18

Psalms 101- 106

The Book of Psalms: Psalm 101 - “Song to the King

Who Rules in Righteousness and Judgment”

This is a Davidic psalm. It begins a little nest of 6 psalms (101–106) that speak of praise to the King. [Leadership 101?] Y


The Book of Psalms Session 19

Book V (Psalm 107 - 150)

Psalms 107-118

The Book of Psalms: Psalm 107

Psalm 107 begins the Deuteronomy section of the Book of Psalms. This

fi fth book begins with a great retrospect in the plains of Moab, which reviews God’s gracious dealings with His people.

The Book of Psalms Session 20

Psalm 119


The Book of Psalms: Session 21

Psalm 119, Part 2

The Book of Psalms: Psalm 119 (Part 2: vv. 73 - 176)

Psalm 119 has 176 verses, and every verse (with the possible exception of two verses) is praise to the Word of God. I

The Book of Psalms Session 22

Psalm 120 – 134

Songs of “Degrees”


The Book of Psalms Session 23

Psalm 135 - 144

The Book of Psalms: Psalm 135 - “Praise the Lord


The Book of Psalms Session 24

Psalm 145 – 150

Completing Book V



PRICE R 299.00

Run Time: 8  hour's
Number of discs: 4


This Commentary on the Book of Proverbs contains the following 8 sessions:

  • Proverbs Session 1 - Chapters 1-4 - Introduction. Wisdom and Folly. The Path of Wisdom
  • Proverbs Session 2 - Ch. 5-9 - Sexual Purity. Good Business Practices. God’s Hate List. The Lure of the Harlot. The Path to Destruction.
  • Proverbs Session 3 - Ch. 10-14 - The Main Collection of Solomon’s Proverbs. The Most Painful Sin: Gossip.
  • Proverbs Session 4 - Ch. 15-19 - The Main Collection of Solomon’s Proverbs. The Godly Tongue vs. the Evil Tongue. Right Use of Words vs. Wrong Use of Words.
  • Proverbs Session 5 - Ch. 20-24 - Dangers of Intoxication. The Sayings of the Wise Men.
  • Proverbs Session 6 - Ch. 25-29 - Hezekiah’s Collection of Solomon’s Proverbs.
  • Proverbs Session 7 - Ch. 30 - The Words of Agur. What’s in a Name?
  • Proverbs Session 8 - Ch. 31 - The Words of Lemuel’s Mother. Tribute to the Godly, Dedicated Woman.


PRICE R 299.00

Run Time: 8 hour's
Number of discs: 3



Song of Songs


Here is a book of the Bible which is among the least studied and the most emotionally controversial. It's a book with only 117 verses and 470 Hebrew words, yet it is among the most difficult and mysterious books in the entire Bible.


Introduction and Chapter 1 - 2:7

Introduction. The Story Behind the Opera. Literal Views. Solomon. The Song Begins.

Chapter 2:8 - 5:1

Courtship and Marriage. A Springtime Visit. My Beloved. The Foxes. Practical Application.

Chapters 5:1 - 8

Sexual Adjustments in Marriage. Shulamite’s Troubled Dream. Solomon’s Return. Garden Enclosed. Three Stages of Commitment. Practical Application.

Allegorical Allusions in the Song of Songs

Allegorical Views. Use of Rhetorical Devices. Hebrew Hermeneutics.

The Collector of "Dark Sayings." Sampling of Allegorical Allusions.

Rahab’s Scarlet Cord. Our Life = His Garden.


Marriage as God’s Model for Intimacy: Adam & Eve. Eleazar & Isaac’s bride. Ruth & Boaz. Israel as "Wife of YHWH " ...and Harlot. The Bride



PRICE R 799.00

Run Time: 24 hour's
Number of discs: 8



This DVD set covers:

  • Introduction and Ezekiel Chapter 1. The four living creatures. The Camp of Israel.
  • Chapters 2-3 - Ezekiel's call. Preparation, and the office as a Watchman.
  • Chapters 4-5 - Siege on Jerusalem. 430 days. 3 balances.
  • Chapters 6-7 - Mountains. The end is come. Idolatry in the Temple.
  • Chapters 8-11 - 6 men. Shekinah glory leaves the Temple.
  • Chapters 12-13 - Rebellious house. Zedekiah. Pelatiah is judged. False Prophets.
  • Chapters 14-16 - Judgement. Noah, Daniel and Job. Unfruitful Vine. Parable of Jotham.
  • Chapters 17-19 - The great eagle. Individual accountability. 2 lions.
  • Chapters 19-20 - The history of rebellion. Idols of Egypt. Scattered Among the Nations.
  • Chapters 21-22 - The sword. City of Blood. Smelting Furnace.
  • Chapters 23-24 - 2 sisters. Cup of Judgment. The Boiling Pot.
  • Chapter 25 - God's Judgment on the Muslim Nations: Ammon, Moab, Edom.
  • Chapters 26-27 - God's Judgment on the Muslim Nations: Tyre, Persia, Ophir.
  • Chapter 28 - The Power Behind the Throne. Satan. The Gap Theory.
  • Chapters 29-31 -God's Judgement upon Egypt. The Sword Continues. The fall of Pharaoh. Egypt and the Aswan Dam.
  • Chapter 32 - Tour of Sheol. The Rise of Islam. 666 and the anti-Christ.

  • Chapter 33-35 - The Role of the Watchman. The Wicked Shepherds. Judgment of Edom.
  • Chapters 36-37 - The Restoration of the Land. The Restoration of the Nation. The Vision of the Dry Bones.
  • Chapters 38-39 - The Magog Invasion. Nuclear Weapons? Timing Placement.
  • Chapter 40-42 - The Vision of the Temple. Which Temple? Angel of the Lord. Zadok. Inner Court.
  • Chapters 43-45 - New worship of God. Return of glory. Sacrifices.
  • Chapters 46-48 - New appointments of the land of Israel to the Tribes. Division of the Land. The Sanctuary. The City.
  • The Origin of Evil part 1 - The Origin of Evil. When Did Satan Fall?
  • The Origin of Evil part 2 - Spiritual Warfare. Armor of God.


DVD Price R 899.00

•12 DVD Set


Isaiah was the most comprehensive of all prophets: his writing spans the entirety of history, from the creation of the world to the creation of “a new heavens and new earth.” No other prophet matches his majestic eloquence on the glory of God and the redemptive work and sufferings of the Coming Messiah, all the while making us clearly aware of God’s abounding Grace.

Parallel study using King James (KJV) and the International Standard Version (ISV).

Session Listing

Introduction and Isaiah 1

Introduction. Case against Judah.

Isaiah 2 - 5

A Vision of the Coming Kingdom. Israel, the Lord’s vineyard. The

Nation’s Judgment and Exile.

Isaiah 6 - 7

Isaiah’s New Commission. Confederacy of Rezin and Pekah. The Sign

of the Virgin.

Isaiah 8 - 9

Overthrow of Damascus and Samaria. Christ’s Birth.

Isaiah 10 - 12

Predicted Judgment upon Assyria. A Future Kingdom.

Isaiah 13 - 14

Babylon. Babylon’s Defeat. Lucifer’s Pride and Rebellion.

Isaiah 15 -18

Moab’s Devastation. Damascus will Fall. Ethiopia.

Isaiah 19 - 22

The Doom of Egypt. A Burden about Jerusalem.

Isaiah 23 - 27

A Burden about Tyre. Isaiah’s “Little Apocalypse” Chapters.

Session Listing

Isaiah 28 - 30

Prophetic warning concerning Ephraim and Judah.

Isaiah 31 - 35

Future Kingdom Blessings. Focus on Jerusalem.

Isaiah 36 - 39

Historical Parenthesis. Hezekiah and Rabshakeh.

Isaiah 40 - 42

How Many Isaiahs? Cyrus Predicted. Jesus Christ the Servant.

Isaiah 43 - 44

God’s Blessing on His people. The Rise of Cyrus.

Isaiah 45 (and the Gap Theory)

Cyrus to Restore Jerusalem. God created the Earth “not in vain.”

 The Gap Theory.

Isaiah 46 - 48

Babylon, the Pride of the Caldeans.

Isaiah 49 - 51

The Restoration of Israel. Vision of the Kingdom Age.

Session Listing

Isaiah 52 (and Acts 8)

Messianic Theme. The Ark of the Covenant. The Ethiopian Treasurer

in Acts Chapter 8. The Mercy Seat.

Isaiah 53 (Part 1)

The Holy of Holies of the Old Testament.

Isaiah 53 (Part 2)

The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe.

Isaiah 54 - 59

Israel, the Restored Wife. Idolaters rebuked.

Isaiah 60 - 62

Sin. Kingdom Age. The Two Comings of Christ. Kingdom Blessings.

Isaiah 63

Day of Vengeance. Isaiah Prays for Redemption of Israel.

Isaiah 64 - 66

A New Wine. New Heaven and New Earth. Judgment and Hope.





Price R399.00



The Book of Daniel contains the most amazing prophecies of the Bible, and is one of the most authenticating books of the Old Testament. The numerous detailed prophecies of the period of Gentile dominion make this one of the most important foundational studies for anyone who takes the Bible seriously.
Now in one, self-contained CD-ROM (compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems) which includes:
Over 20 hours of Verse-by-Verse audio teaching through the book of Daniel as MP3 files.
Extensive searchable study notes as PDF files.
A special message from Chuck Missler.
Listings of other MP3 resources.
Real® Player and Real® Juke Box.
This program will play MP3 audio files.
Adobe Acrobat® Reader.
This program will read the PDF notes.
Daniel 1; Dare to be a Daniel - Introduction to the Book. Background, authentication, etc.
Daniel 2; Nebuchadnezzar's Dream - The poly-metallic image; an overview of all the Gentile dominion on the Planet Earth. Daniel and his three friends avoid death penalty and get promoted.
Daniel 3; Bow or Burn - Nebuchadnezzar's ego trip; the worship of his image.
Daniel 4; Nebuchadnezzar's Testimony - The only chapter in the Bible written by a Gentile king.
Daniel 5; The Fall of Babylon - The "handwriting on the wall" and the fall of Babylon to the Persians.
The Mystery of Babylon - Babylon in Bible prophecy; it's ultimate destruction; an update on current events; the "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation.
Daniel 6; Daniel in the Lion's Den - How Daniel avoided the "mark of the beast."
The Magi - A supplemental study on the background on the "Magi" and their role in the birth of Jesus Christ.
Daniel 7; The Times of the Gentiles - The four empires which climax Gentile dominion on the Earth.
European Update - An update of the emergent European Suprastate.
Daniel 8; The Ram and the Goat - The succession of the Persian and Greek Empires and the rise of Alexander the Great.
Foreshadowings of the final World Ruler. The Seventy Weeks of Daniel - The Most Amazing Prophecy in the Bible.
Daniel 9A; The 69 Weeks - The Angel Gabriel predicts the precise day on which Jesus presented Himself as the "Meshiach Nagid" (The Messiah the King).
Daniel 9B; The 70th Week of Daniel - The mysterious interval between the 69th and 70th "weeks" of Daniel and the final seven years of world history.
The Final Vision
Daniel 10; The Dark Side - The spooky glimpse of the spiritual warfare that lies behind world events.
Daniel 11; Coming Future Kingdoms - The amazing prediction of the conflicts between the Ptolemaic and Seleucid Empires and the emergence of the final World Leader.
Daniel 12 - The Climax of All History


  Europa Rising 

Just as Daniel had predicted, the Babylonian Empire was ultimately conquered by the Persians; the Persians were, in turn, conquered by the Greeks; and, the Greeks were conquered by the Romans. But who conquered the Romans?

The Roman Empire ultimately disintegrated into pieces, and each segment seems to have had its "day in the sun." The ensuing struggles for power, and the influx of external tribes into the cohesion that once was Rome, continued over almost two millennia. In our series reviewing the rise of the "New Europe," we'll take a brief glimpse at the caldron that has been stewing with tensions and ambitions for many centuries.



PRIce R599.00

Run Time: 13 hour's
Number of discs: 7



Prophets to the Northern  Kingdom: Amos,Hosea

Hosea, a contemporary of Isaiah (for most of his ministry) and Amos (in his earlier years) was the Jeremiah of the Northern Kingdom. His main target was the Northern Kingdom, yet his message was for the people of God.

When Solomon died, Jeroboam rebelled and plunged the Northern Kingdom into a prosperous but idolatrous separation. After two centuries of abandoning their heritage, God sent Hosea to present His indictment and declare that He would use their enemies as His judgment.

Amos was sent to Israel at a time when the nation feels militarily secure and prosperous, yet is turning to idolatry and abandoning their heritage. Misplaced confidence; false sense of security; abandonment of the greatness of their nation... (Sounds familiar, doesn't it?) In many ways a complement to Hosea, this perspective on the plight of Israel parallels the predicament of our country today.


Price R399.00

Run Time: 8 hour's
Number of discs: 4


Prophets To The Gentiles: Jonah, Nahum, Obadiah Feasts of the Lord

Jonah, the reluctant prophet, was called to prophesy against the pagan capital of the world, Nineveh. He attempted to shun the assignment until God explained it to him a little more clearly! His message to Nineveh:40 days and you get yours! The greatest miracle in the book of Jonah was Nineveh's repentance, within the allotted 40 days, on speculation! They reasoned that maybe, if they repented, God might change His mind. They did. And He did.

A century later, Nahum was sent to ask them to repent and Nineveh failed. Judgment resulted.

Obadiah prophesied against Israel's enemies. His book provides insights into the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and why some countries will apparently escape the rule of the Antichrist. These are three small books of the Bible that contribute a critical perspective for all of us.



Price R599.00


Run Time: 13 hour's
Number of discs: 7



Prophets to the Southern Kingdom: Joel, Micah, Zephaniah, and Habakkuk


Joel 1

Introduction and background. A review of the Ten Plagues. The "Day of the Lord."

Joel 2

The "Day of the Lord." Destruction of the invaders; repentance of Judah. Response of YHWH; effusion of the Spirit; return and establishing the Kingdom.

Joel 3

Judgment of the Nations. Full Kingdom Blessing.

Micah 1

Introduction and background. Micah’s ministry and place in history. Sins against God.

Micah 2

Sins against each other. Wicked deeds of the rich.

Micah 3

Sins by their leaders. Destruction of Jerusalem foretold.

Micah 4

The Coming Kingdom. The Millennial reign. Ezekiel’s Temple.

Micah 5

The location of the Messiah’s birth. The Magi. "The Assyrian."



Micah 6

The coming judgment. The predicament of Man.

Micah 7

Review and final wrap-up. Trust in God’s salvation; God’s pardon and love.

Zephaniah 1

Introduction and background. The Day of the Lord.

Zephaniah 2-3

Judgment of the Nations. The Return. The Millennial Kingdom.

Habakkuk 1-3

The just shall live by faith. Five-fold woe. Habakkuk’s prayer.

Obadiah: Edom and the "Everlasting Hatred"

There are more Bible passages pronouncing judgment on the Edomites than on any other nation. But who are they? What relevance do they have for us today? A background on Edom.

Obadiah: The Judgment Upon Edom

Edom’s destruction announced. Her destruction reaffirmed. The Day of the Lord.

Obadiah: Eschatological Summary

Contemporary implications.










R 7487.00

SAVE 35 %


+ Shipping



Price R799.00

Run Time: 24 hour's
Number of discs: 8




And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:

  • Matthew Session 4: Chapters 5 - 7, The “Sermon on the Mount” Part 1, The Beatitudes, The Similitudes, The Lord’s Prayer, Treasure in Heaven,

  • Matthew Session 5: Chapters 5 - 7, The “Sermon on the Mount” Part 2 The Golden Rule, False Teachers, The Law of Christ

  • Matthew Session 6: Chapters 8 - 9, Calming the Storm, Demoniac at Gadara, The Call of Matthew, Jairus’ Daughter, Woman with the issue of blood

  • Matthew Session 7: Chapters 10 - 11, The Twelve sent out, John the Baptist: response

  • Matthew Session 8: Chapter 12, Sabbath issues, The Unpardonable Sin

  • Matthew Session 9: Chapter 13 The Kingdom Parables, The Four Soils, Tares and the Wheat, The Leaven

  • Matthew Session 10: Chapters 14 - 15, The Murder of John the Baptist, Five Thousand Fed, Traditions of Judaism vs. Commandments of God, Four Thousand Fed

  • Matthew Session 11: Chapters 16 - 17, Peter’s Confession of Faith, The Transfiguration, The Tribute Money

  • Matthew Session 12: Chapter 18, The Gnostic Gospels, Dealing with Torts, Due Process, Forgiveness

  • Matthew Session 13: Chapters 19 - 20, The King’s instructions on Marriage and Divorce, The Rich Young Ruler, The Laborers in the Vineyard

  • Matthew Session 14: Chapter 21, The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, Supplemental Study: The 70 Weeks of Daniel, The Destiny of Israel

  • Matthew Session 15: Chapters 21 - 22 Cleansing of the Temple, The Fig Tree, Rejection of the Holy Spirit,

  • Matthew Session 16: Chapters 23, Eight Woes, The Purpose of all History, The Tragedy of all History, The Triumph of all History

  • Matthew Session 17: Chapter 24 (one of the most important prophetic passages in the New Testament) The Olivet Discourse, Beginning of Sorrows, Abomination of Desolation, The Siege of Jerusalem

  • Matthew Session 18: Matthew 24 vs. Luke 21: Are they the same? Different occasion? Different audiences? Different emphasis?

  • Matthew Session 19: Chapter 25, The Ten Virgins, The Ten Talents, The “Sheep and Goat” Judgment

  • Matthew Session 20: Chapter 26: The Last Seder, Prediction of Jesus’ suffering and death, His anointing at Bethany, Judas’ betrayal, The Passover meal, The Lord’s Supper

  • Matthew Session 21: John 13 - 17: The Upper Room Discourse, Foot Washing, The Harpazo, The Vine and the Branches, What to Expect, Jesus’ Prayer, Relationship with the World

  • Matthew Session 22: Matthew Chapter 26, The Garden of Gethesmane, Jesus’ arrest and accusations, Peter’s denial, Annas and Caiaphas, Legal Irregularities, Lessons from Peter

  • Matthew Session 23: Chapter 27, The Roman Trials, Pontius Pilate, Herod, Barabbas, Jesus’ Death

  • Matthew Session 24: Chapter 28, The Resurrection, Appearances of Jesus after His Resurrection and its significance


Price R799.00

Run Time: 16 hour's
Number of discs: 8





  • Mark Chapter 1 - Introduction.  The meaning of Baptism.  Jesus heals a leper.

  • Mark Chapter 2 - Raising the roof. Healing. Fasting. Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.

  • Mark Chapter 3 - Jesus chooses the Twelve.  Beelzebub.

  • Mark Chapter 4 - Why parables?  Jesus calms the storm.

  • Mark Chapter 5 - The case of the deviled ham.  Raising Jairus' daughter.  Woman with issue of blood.

  • Mark Chapter 6 - The mission of the Twelve.  Feeding the five thousand.

  • Mark Chapter 7 - God's command or man's tradition?  Evil comes from the heart.

  • Mark Chapter 8 - Peter's declaration.  Jesus predicts his death and resurrection.

  • Mark Chapter 9 - The transfiguration.  The greatness of humility. Entrapments.

  • Mark Chapter 10 - Divorce.  The first shall be last.  The poor become rich.

  • Mark Chapter 11 - The triumphal entry.  Cursed fig tree. A lesson on prayer.

  • Mark Chapter 12 - Money talks.  Priorities. Money reveals. A question of authority.

  • Mark Chapter 13 - Jesus' confidential briefing.  The last days. The second coming.

  • Mark Chapter 14 - In Bethany.  The Upper Room. The Garden. The Palace.

  • Mark Chapter 15 - The trials. Jesus is crucified. The Garden Tomb.

  • Mark Chapter 16 - Jesus is risen.  Jesus appears to Mary.  The last 12 verses of Mark.


Price R799.00

Run Time: 16 hour's
Number of discs: 12



Luke Chapter 1


Introduction. The Story of Tarore. Birth of John the Baptist.

Annunciation of Messiah.


Luke Chapter 2

The Child and the Mosaic Law. The Years of Growth.

Luke Chapter 3

Ministry of John the Baptist. Baptism of Jesus. Genealogy of Christ.

Luke Chapter 4

The Temptation of Christ. Presenting His Mandate. The Demoniac.

Luke Chapter 5

Jesus’ Mandate. Jesus’ Fame Spreads.

Luke Chapter 6

Jesus Challenges Sabbath "Law." Choosing the Twelve.

Luke Chapter 7

Jesus’ Ministry in Capernaum. Jesus’ Responses to Faith, Despair, Doubt, Love.

Luke Chapter 8

Why Parables? The Significance of Hems.

Luke Chapter 9

The Twelve Disciples Sent. The Feeding of the 5,000. Jesus’ Identity and Mission. The Transfiguration.

Luke Chapter 10

The Good Samaritan. The Visit in Bethany.

Luke Chapter 11

Jesus Instructs on: Prayer; Satan; Spiritual Opportunity; Hypocrisy. The Call to Obedience.

Luke Chapter 12

The Tyranny of Worry. The Call to Diligence.

Luke Chapter 13

Paradox Resolution. The Way of the Righteous is Narrow.

Luke Chapter 14

Jesus Exposes Falsehoods: Popularity, Hospitality, Security. The Distinctions Between Salvation and Discipleship.

Luke Chapter 15

The Lost Sheep. The Lost Coin. The Prodigal Son

Luke Chapter 16

Stewardship. The Rich Man and Lazarus. Contrasting Hades, Sheol, Gehenna, Tartarus, Abousso.



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"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." - John 3:16

Because of its emphasis on "the Love of God" and Jesus' being the incarnation of that Love, many believe this gospel is the most important for new and old Christians alike to take to heart. Written by the "disciple whom Jesus loved", the book of John is organized around seven miracles, seven discourses and seven "I AM" statements. This study is so deep "an elephant can bathe in it, and yet an infant can wade in it."

This study contains 20 hours of verse by verse teachings

Session Listing

John Introduction and John 1:1-14

Introduction. Hermeneutical Caveats. Structure of the Gospels and the

Uniqueness of John’s. The Pre-existent One. More than Metaphors: Logos, Light, and the Metacosm. Dimensionless Constants.

John 1:15-51

John the Baptist. The date of Jesus’ birth. (Parenthetical notes on the identity of the Two Witnesses of Rev 11.) The first converts.

John 2

The first miracle. The wedding at Cana. The water of purification (from the Ashes of the Red Heifer).

5 Whatever He says  Mp3 Just Do It!

The first Passover. Cleansing of the Temple.

John 3

The meeting with Nicodemus at night. “Born Again”? The Serpent lifted in the wilderness. The last testimony of John the Baptist.

John 4 - 5

The Woman at the Well in Samaria. The healing of the nobleman’s son.

John 5 is a key chapter with some of the strongest arguments for the deity of Jesus Christ.

John 6

The feeding of the 5,000. The Bread of Life. Jesus walks on water.

John 7

Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles. Rivers of Living Water. Pharisees’ Unbelief.

John 8

The woman caught in adultery. Jesus the Light of the World. A heated “exchange” with the Pharisees.

John 9

Jesus heals the man born blind. A look at “Spiritual Blindness.” Why Do Christians Have Trials?

John 10

Jesus the Good Shepherd. Eternal Security. Jesus rejected by the Jews.

John 11

The death and raising of Lazarus. The plot against Jesus by the chief priests and Pharisees.

John 12

Jesus anointed at Bethany. The triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The Son of Man “must be lifted up.”

John 13

Jesus washes His disciples’ feet. He foretells His betrayal. A New Commandment.

John 14

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. The promise of the Holy Spirit.

John 15 - 16

Jesus is the True Vine. Our relationship with Him, with one another, and with the World. The work of the Holy Spirit. The worry of the disciples. Jesus says, “I have overcome the world.”

John 17

The longest recorded prayer of our Lord. Jesus’ prayer for Himself; prayer for His disciples. Jesus’ prayer for all believers, and for unity and union.

John 18

The betrayal and arrest of Jesus. The Garden. Jesus brought before Annas, Caiaphas, and Pilate.

John 19

Jesus sentenced to die. The crucifixion. Jesus’ side pierced. The burial of Jesus.

John 20

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and his disciples.

John 21

The last miracle in John’s Gospel. Peter’s restoration. “Feed my sheep.” The commission and the cross.



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"Luke Volume II," often called "The Acts of the Apostles," completes the "Pentateuch of the New Testament." The traditional title of this book is, in some respects, a misnomer: it primarily deals with the "acts" of Peter and Paul. It really should be called "The Acts of the Holy Spirit."

This review will explore the continuing mysteries of Hag Shavuot in Acts 2; the surprises in the history lesson Stephen gives the Sanhedrin in Acts 7; the controversies dealt with in the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15; the seamanship details which permitted the discovery of the anchors cut loose in Acts 27, as well as the adventures of Paul and his companions during his missionary journeys.

This study contains 16 hours of verse by verse teachings




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Romans-01: Romans 1:1-1:7 - Introduction. Salutation. Attributes of the Trinity.

Romans-02: Romans 1:8-1:29 - The need for the Gospel. God's righteousness revealed against Pagan humanity.

Romans-03: Romans 2 - The righteousness of God revealed. Condemnation of moral man.

Romans-04: Romans 3 - Advantages of Being a Jew? Case against the entire human race. Why does God save anyone?

Romans-05: Romans 4 - God's greatest gift. Faith of Abraham and David. Salvation by faith not works. The resurrection.

Romans-06: Romans 5 - Peace with God. The process of maturity. The logic of His love. Two heads: Adam and Christ.

Romans-07: Romans 6 - Two masters: Sin personified, and God as revealed in Jesus. The death of defeat. Baptism.

Romans-08: Romans 7 - Two husbands: the Law and Christ risen. Dead to the Law. Spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

Romans-09: Romans 8:1-17 - Deliverance from the flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit's inner witness.

Romans-10: Romans 8:18-27 - Preservation in suffering by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans-11: Romans 8:28-39 - Hymn of praise for victory. Certainty of sanctification. Basis of our security.

Romans-12: Romans 9:1-5 - Advantages of being a Jew? Discussion of the Covenants. The Scepter of Judah.

Romans-13: Romans 9:6-13 - Has the Word of God failed? Doctrine of Election.

Romans-14: Romans 9:14-33 - Moses and Pharaoh. Gentiles called. Stumbling stone.

Romans-15: Romans 10:1-15 - Rabbinical expectations. Salvation by faith taught by Moses. Whosoever...

Romans-16: Romans 10:16-21 - Israel's rejection. Review of post-Biblical history of Israel.

Romans-17: Romans 10 cont. - Continuation of contemporary history of Israel.

Romans-18: Romans 11:1-24 - Israel's future. Salvation unto the Gentiles.

Romans-19: Romans 11:25-36 - Use of Parables. Mysteries. "Until." Rapture Models.

Romans-20: Romans 12 - Gifts. Armor. Body life. Evidences of Spirit-filled person.

Romans-21: Romans 13 - Civil responsibilities: to the State; to those outside the Church.

Romans-22: Romans 14 - Capital punishment. Dietary restrictions? The Sabbath Day dilemma; Sunday or Saturday?

Romans-23: Romans 15 - Importance of Unity. In light of Christ's Ministry. Paul's methodology and plans.

Romans-24: Romans 16 - Importance of relationships. The most painful sin: Gossip. Professional secretaries.


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Study Paul's letter to the Galatians, a book that stands as a challenge to all who would seek to take away the joy and freedom of the Gospel of Grace.


  • Galatians Session One: Galatians Introduction - A Preliminary Perspective: The Adventures of Paul.
  • Galatians Session Two: Galatians Chapter 1 - The Judaizers. Paul’s Apostleship.
  • Galatians Session Three: Galatians Chapter 2 - Law vs. Grace. Titus as an Example. Peter and Paul.
  • Galatians Session Four: Galatians Chapter 3a - Faith Alone. Example of Abraham. Martin Luther.
  • Galatians Session Five: Galatians Chapter 3b - Permanence of Faith. Purpose of the Law. Seed.
  • Galatians Session Six: Galatians Chapter 4 - Child vs. Heir. Adoption. God Sent the Spirit. Paul’s Attitude. Two Jerusalems.
  • Galatians Session Seven: Galatians Chapter 5 - Stand Firm. Leaven. Works of the Flesh vs. Spirit.
  • Galatians Session Eight: Galatians Chapter 6 - Sacrificial Service Toward Sinning Christians, Burdened Christians, Pastor-Teachers and all People..




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Number of discs: 4



Have you ever wished you could win a lottery? Or inherit a great fortune? We have already won an inheritance that is beyond our comprehension! An inheritance that transcends any quantitative measurement. In fact, it was set aside for us before the world began!

Ephesians is regarded by many as the loftiest pinnacle of the New Testament, and yet is also a practical manual for personal combat.

  • Ephesians Introduction and Chapter 1a: - Introduction. Background. God's Blueprint.
  • Ephesians Chapter 1b: - The Redemption. The Forgiveness. Death.
  • Ephesians Chapter 1c:- Prayer for the Ephesians' Spiritual Growth. Three Petitions.
  • Ephesians Chapter 2:- The Christian's Past, Present, and Future.
  • Ephesians Chapter 3:- The Great Mystery, the Church. Church vs Israel.
  • Ephesians Chapter 4:- The Christian Walk. Seven Graces
  • Ephesians Chapter 5- 6:9:- Light vs Darkness. Ministries of the Spirit. Marriages.
  • Ephesians 6:10-24: - The Armor of God. The Age of Deceit.



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Paul certainly knew suffering, and Paul also knew true joy. And he knew joy through suffering. In his darkest hour, he wrote this letter to encourage his most intimate friends. He himself was a prisoner at the time yet it was he who was providing encouragement to them, the faithful at Philippi!

Here is a letter that is pregnant with insights on the real priorities in life, encouragement during difficult trials, and guidance during the inevitable dark times. Inner joy occurs 16 times in these four brief chapters. Paul also deals with some of our thorniest issues: how to deal with Christian troublemakers. He very likely lost his life because of trouble caused by Christians in Rome!

A passage, known among scholars as the Kenosis, teaches of the divinity of Christ, His preexistence, and His equality with the Father.


  • Introduction: Background: Paul's first visit to Philippi (Acts 16). How God guides.
  • Philippians 1: Timothy. Our security in Christ. The Christian's death benefits. Christian conduct.
  • Philippians 2:1-11 : Four pillars for Christian unity. The Kenosis. The Great Parabola. Jesus' names.
  • Philippians 2:12-30: Practical examples. Living for others. The sanctity of a commitment.
  • Philippians 3: The Advent of the Judaizers. Happiness vs. Joy. Losses Result in Gains. The Ultimate Goal. Winning the Race! Forgetting the Past. Finishing Well.
  • Philippians 4: Getting Along with Christians. The Meaning of Prayer. God's Rules for Doubtful Things.


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    Colossians and Philemon

    As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, [so] walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. - Colossians 2:6-8

    • Do heavenly bodies have any influence over our lives?
    • Is there any relationship between diet and spiritual living?
    • Do the Eastern religions have anything to offer the evangelical Christian?


    • Colossians 1:1 - 1:14 - Introduction. The Occasion. Epaphras.
    • Colossians 1:15 - 1:29 - All things held by Him. He is the Beginning. Fullness
    • Colossians 2:1 - 15 - The sufficiency of Christ. Steadfast in the faith.
    • Colossians 2:16 - 23 - Kosher Laws. Sunday vs Sabbath. Astrology
    • Colossians 3:1 - 11 - Christ in Heaven. Practical Holiness. Social Sins.
    • Colossians 3:12 - 25 - Practical holiness in relation to others.
    • Colossians 4 - The power of speech. Prayer. Closing salutations.
    • Philemon - Slavery. Onesimus. Paul the intercessor.


    Run Time: 8  hour's
    Number of discs: 4



    I & II Thessalonians

    1 Thessalonians - Introduction & Chapter 1

    An introduction to the earliest book of the New Testament; an amazing

    insight into what Paul taught these new Christians in their first three

    weeks. (Includes a review of the background from the Book of Acts.)

    1 Thessalonians 2

    The greatest missionary manual ever written.

    1 Thessalonians 3 - 4:12

    Practical examples and instructions about caring.

    1 Thessalonians 4:13 - 18

    Our Blessed Hope: The Rapture of the Church. (An issue of ecclesiology

    rather than eschatology alone.) The ultimate non-linearity.

    1 Thessalonians 5

    A history of “Rapture-mania.” The Day of the Lord.

    2 Thessalonians 1 - 2:2

    “Third Thessalonians”: Paul’s response to a forgery. “Pre-Tribulation,”

    “Mid-Tribulation,” and “Post-Tribulation” views.

    2 Thessalonians 2: The Day of the Lord

    One of the most important prophetic chapters in the New Testament.

    The revelation of the Man of Sin and its prerequisite events. The Restrainer.

    2 Thessalonians 3 and Recap

    Exhortations: Prayerfulness, Preservation, Protection, and Patience.


    The Epistles to the Thessalonians

    Session 1: 1 Thessalonians 1

    The most significant eschatological epistles in the New Testament!

    Introduction to 1st Thessalonians

    First Thessalonians is regarded as the earliest book of the New Testament.

    It is an amazing insight into what Paul taught these new Christians in

    their first three weeks in the faith! (First, a review of the background

    from the Book of Acts.)


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    This letter is one of the two greatest theological treatises of the New Testament. It is the ''Leviticus'' of the New Testament, detailing how the Lord Jesus Christ is both the fulfilment and the successor to all that had gone on before.


    • Hebrews Introduction and 1:1 - 3 -: Introduction. Authorship.
    • Hebrews Chapters 1:4 - 14 -: Greater than the Angels.
    • Hebrews Chapter 2 -:The Role of Christ in Salvation. Warning #1: The Danger of Drifting.
    • Hebrews Chapter 3 -:Greater Than Moses. The Disobedient Generation—Warning #2: The Danger of Disobedience.
    • Hebrews Chapter 4 (and the rest of Chapter 3) :The Promise of Rest. Christ, The Way to God.
    • Hebrews Chapter 5-:Warning Against Apostasy. Priesthood of Melchisedec. Warning #3: Failing to Mature.
    • Hebrews Chapter 6 -:Eternal Salvation Question. Call to Maturity. God’s Oath Unchanging.
    • Hebrews Chapter 7-:Jesus fulfills the Levitical Priesthood.
    • Hebrews Chapter 8-:Jesus as the Perfect Priest. The New Covenant.
    • Hebrews Chapter 9-:The Tabernacle. The Structure. Christ, the ultimate High Priest.
    • Hebrews Chapter 10 -:The Significance of the Details. The Camp. “Let us.” The Only Way. The Substance. Warning #4: The Danger of Willful Sin.
    • Hebrews Chapter 11 -:By Faith Abel, Enoch, Noah, Isaac, Joseph.... Law versus Grace.
    • Hebrews Chapter 12-:Warning #5: The Danger of Indifference.
    • Addendum: The Messianic (Millennial) Kingdom -:The Paradigm of Salvation—Past, Present, and Future Tenses. Sanctification and Inheritance; Paul’s paranoia. Thy Kingdom Come—The Davidic Covenant an d The Kingdom Events. Overcomers.
    • Hebrews Chapter 13 -:Exhortations. Christian Hospitality. Parting Words.
    • Addendum: Luke 21 -:A review of Luke 21, often confused with the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24 & Mark 13) and the Siege and Fall of Jerusalem in a.d. 70.


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    Number of discs: 4

    I and II Peter


    As a member of the Inner Circle Peter was present at the Transfiguration, the raising of Jairus' daughter, and the closer circle at Gethsemane. This most vibrant personality's letters are rich in theology as well as practical exhortation, dealing with our living hope, suffering persecution for righteousness' sake, the use of heavenly gifts, patience in suffering, fidelity in service, and humility in ministering to one another.

    Peter's letters also have a clear eschatological orientation, focusing on the Lord's coming and the end of the world, with warnings against false teachers-foreseeing the apostasy in which the professing church will end.

    Written by one of the most colorful personalities who participated in the greatest adventures of human history, a careful study of these letters is a certain treat to the diligent student.


    Price: R 399.00

    Run Time: 8 hour's
    Number of discs: 4



    I & II Timothy/ Titus /Philemon

    Chuck Missler examines the 'pastoral epistles' of I & II Timothy, Titus and Philemon messages not just to pastors, but to all believers. The key to effectiveness in any venture is special counsel from an experienced mentor who has personally succeeded in the field. These four epistles, I & II Timothy, Titus and Philemon, are the Apostle Paul's private letters counseling two of his two closest protégés. They are known as the "Pastoral Epistles", but they are not just for pastors; they are for every believer, because we are all "in the ministry".

    The Timothy/Titus/Philemon Commentary includes the following studies on four DVDs:

    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 1-
    • Introduction, Finishing Well, Timothy's Background, The Role of the Law
    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 2-
    • 1 Timothy 2, The Pastoral epistles, Our Stewardship, Women in the Bible
    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 3-
    • 1 Timothy 3-4, Church Government, 12 Kingdom Mysteries, 1 Timothy 4:1
    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 4-
    • 1 Timothy 5-6, Harvest Time, Money Love, Information Measures
    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 5-I
    • I Timothy 1-2, The Church, II Timothy 1-2
    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 6-
    • II Timothy 3-4, The Characteristics of a Good Leader, Crowns Promised, Technology for Scholarship
    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 7-
    • Titus 1-3
    • Timothy/Titus/Philemon Session 8-
    • Philemon, Philemon's Dilemma, Slavery



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    Run Time: 8 hour's
    Number of discs: 4

    I, II, and III John


    Of John's five New Testament books, these three include a sermon and two personal letters, one of which may have been written to Mary, the mother of our Lord. His Gospel deals with our past: Salvation. Revelation deals with our future. John's First Epistle deals with our present: Sanctification. It has been called the New Testament sanctum sanctorum. John's bandwidth extends from the practical, the Christian's Bar of Soap", to the hyperspace of our resurrection body! John's second epistle appears to have been a personal letter to Mary, having been given into his responsibility at the Cross. If so, it has a number of profound implications. John's third, very brief, note deals with three people, all Christians: Gaius, the encourager; Diotrephes, a gossip; and Demetrius, an example to be imitated.

    Introduction and 3 John: Introduction. John background. Contrasts between John1 2 & 3 various books.

    Addenda: the Most Painful Sin.
    Second John: Gnostic heresies. Who is the "Elect Lady"? What is Truth?
    First John 1: Heptadic structure. The importance of fellowship. Christian's "bar of soap."
    First John 2:1-14: Test of Attitude, Actions, Affection. Spiritual maturity.
    First John 2:15-29: The Love that God hates. The will of God. The Stoics; the Epicureans; more on the Gnostics.
    First John 3: God the Father loves us; God the Son died for us; God the Holy Spirit lives in us.
    First John 4: God is Love. God's dwelling places. A Christian's confidence.
    First John 5: How do we know for sure...? Christians do not practice sin. Review of Christian "birthmarks."


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    Run Time: 24 hour's
    Number of discs: 8



    The Book of Revelation consists of 404 verses that contain over 800 allusions to the Old Testament. These are detailed, along with Chuck's analysis of the design and structure of this fascinating book. Learn about the past, present and future of the Church and our ultimate destiny. This is an ideal "first study" and foundational for every Christian.


    • Introduction - Some general comments about the Book of Revelation and its uniqueness. Why this book contains a special blessing.
    • Revelation 1 - "The things which thou hast seen." The vision which opens the book and the verse that organizes it.
    • Revelation 2:1-7 - The letter to the church at Ephesus.

    Revelation 2:8-17 - The letters to the churches at Smyrna and Pergamos.

    Revelation 2:18-29 - The letter to the church at Thyatira.

    Revelation 3:1-6 The letter to the church at Sardis.

    Revelation 3:7-22 - The letters to the churches at Philadelphia and Laodicea.


    • The Kingdom Parables/Matthew 13 - A comparison of the Kingdom Parables in Matthew 13 and Jesus' letters to the seven churches.
    • Revelation 4 - John is caught up into Heaven. A vision of the Throne of God; the Cherubim. The mysterious 24 Elders.
    • Revelation 5 - The seven-sealed scroll and the Kinsman-Redeemer.
    • Revelation 6 - The Seven Seals are opened. The Four Horseman.
    • Revelation 7 - The 144,000 from the Twelve Tribes are sealed.
    • Revelation 8 - The Seven Trumpets begin. The first four Trumpets sound: the "Judgments of the Thirds."
    • Revelation 9 & 10 - The next two Trumpets sound. Opening the Abousso. The 200 million Demon Riders. The Scroll is "eaten" and the Seven Thunders sound.
    • Revelation 11 - The Coming Temple is measured. The Two Witnesses minister.
    • The Coming Temple - An update on the preparations to rebuild the "Third Temple" in Jerusalem.
    • Revelation 12 - One of the most important chapters in the Bible: an overview of the enigma of Israel, without which the Bible cannot be fully understood.
    • Revelation 13 - The Seventh Trumpet introduces seven personages: the Woman, the Man-Child, the Red Dragon, Michael, the remnant of Israel, and two more - the two beasts.
    • Revelation 14 - The Lamb on Mt. Zion and the Fall of Babylon.
    • Revelation 15 & 16 - The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath.
    • Revelation 17 & 18 - The Harlot, "Mystery Babylon," and Babylon the Great.
    • Revelation 19 - Armageddon and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
    • Revelation 20 - The Millennium: Satan Bound, the Kingdom Age, the Second Resurrection, and the White Throne Judgment.
    • Revelation 21 & 22 - The New Heaven, the New Earth, and the New Jerusalem.







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    The Holy Bible


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