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 The Plain & Simple Series

Tomorrow May Be To Late.

Book Price R 59.00


Written Especially for Non-believers!

Tomorrow May Be Too Late

What happens when we die? Is there a heaven? Why are we here?
Tomorrow May Be Too Late is a simple, non-threatening and easy to read book written for non-believers or new Christians. This little book has a fictitious story line, but all the characters are based upon real people. It begins at the funeral of a young, 39-year old husband and father who died suddenly while out jogging, and continues with each of his non-believing friends and family asking questions like:
"What happens when we die? Is there really a heaven? Who goes there?" "Why are we here? What's our purpose in life? Is there some sort of master plan?" "Why should we believe the Bible? Why is it any different from all the other religious books? Does it really predict the future? Can it be proved?"
In just a little over a hundred pages, Tomorrow May Be Too Late relates man's spiritual journey from the beginning of time to the very end, showing how God has been personally and intimately involved all along.



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