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  Acts - Commentary


Price  R699.00



by Chuck Missler


CD-ROM -  R 299.00
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"Luke Volume II," often called "The Acts of the Apostles," completes the "Pentateuch of the New Testament." The traditional title of this book is, in some respects, a misnomer: it primarily deals with the "acts" of Peter and Paul. It really should be called "The Acts of the Holy Spirit."

This review will explore the continuing mysteries of Hag Shavuot in Acts 2; the surprises in the history lesson Stephen gives the Sanhedrin in Acts 7; the controversies dealt with in the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15; the seamanship details which permitted the discovery of the anchors cut loose in Acts 27, as well as the adventures of Paul and his companions during his missionary journeys.

This study contains 16 hours of verse by verse teachings

Available in the following formats


ē8 DVD Set
ē1 CD-Rom with 16 MP3 files and 1 PDF Notes file
ēColor, Fullscreen 16:9, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo,This DVD will be viewable in other countries WITH the proper DVD player and television set.)

ē2 CD-Rom Set which includes 16 MP3 and 16 M4A files and 1 PDF Notes file
Copyright © 06-10-2011


Session Listing

Introduction and Acts 1

Background. Ascension and Marching Orders. Appointment of Matthias.

Acts 2

Pentecost. Peterís First Sermon.

Acts 3 and 4

Lame Man Healed. Peterís Second Sermon. First Persecution. Peterís Address to the Sanhedrin.

Acts 5 and 6

Ananias and Sapphira. Second Persecution. The Arrest of Stephen.

Acts 6 and 7

Third Persecution. Stephen Addresses the Sanhedrin. First Martyr.

Acts 8

Fourth Persecution. Philip and the Ethiopian. The Mercy Seat.

Acts 9 and 10

Conversion of Saul. Tabitha Raised from the Dead. Corneliusí Vision. Peterís Vision.

Acts 11 and 12

Peterís Ministry to Gentiles. Antioch New Headquarters. Peterís Arrest and Deliverance. Herodís Death.

Acts 13 and 14

Paulís First Missionary Journey. Paul and Barnabas Turn to Gentiles. Iconium, Derbe and Lystra. Elders Established.

Acts 15 and 16

Council at Jerusalem. Paulís Second Missionary Journey. Macedonian Call at Troas. Philippian Jailer.

Acts 17 and 18

Athens and Paul on Marís Hill. Corinth. Paulís Third Missionary Journey.

Acts 19 and 20

Paulís Third Missionary Journey Continued. Galatia, Ephesus. Paulís Farewell Address to the Ephesian Elders.

Acts 21 - 23

Paul Returns to Jerusalem. His Defense Before the Mob. His Defense Before the Sanhedrin.

Acts 24 - 26

Paulís Defense Before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa. Five Key Statements Summarize Paulís Defense.

Acts 27 and 28

The Shipwreck of Paul on the Island of Malta. Paulís Imprisonment in Rome.

Revelation 2 and 3

Jesusí Letters to the Seven Churches.





Roman law required written documents, containing all the pertinent background regarding a case, to precede an appellant's appearance before Caesar. There are some scholars who suspect that the two volumes penned by Luke were to comply with those requirements. Luke, Volume II, commonly known as "The Book of Acts," completes the "Pentateuch of the New Testament."