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  I & II Thessalonians  Commentary


by Chuck Missler

I and II Thessalonians - DVD

Chuck Missler

Price: R 399.00
Media Type: DVD

Please note when buying the DVD

 the CD Rom/MP3 will be supplied free of charge.

by Chuck Missler


CD-ROM - R 249.00
All prices are in South African Rands
Includes Slide Show & PDF Notes

Printed Study Notes

50 pgs

Study Notes Price R 79.00



Socialism - Chuck Missler


The Antichrist and The Restrainer - Chuck Missler


The Thessalonian Epistles - Chuck Missler


Personal Architecture - Chuck Missler


The Ten Commandments - Chuck Missler


"Satan" - Chuck Missler


The Doctrine of Imminence - Chuck Missler


The Resurrection Body - Chuck Missler


Paul's Greatest Sermon? - Chuck Missler


Paul's Second Missionary Journey - Chuck Missler


Paul's Second Missionary Journey - Chuck Missler


Paul's First Missionary Journey - Chuck Missler


Media Type: DVD
Published 01-Jul-2010
Published by Koinonia House
How does eschatological view affect your life? If it has no effect, you might reconsider what you really believe. Paul's epistles to the believers in Thessalonica are the two most important New Testament eschatological epistles. 1st Thessalonians is among the earliest New Testament documents: written less than 20 years after Christ's resurrection. Every chapter refers to the Second Coming. The most famous declaration in this letter is on the Harpazo, commonly called, from the Latin, the "Rapture." Paul's second letter apparently followed his first by a few months. He addressed, among other things, an apparent forgery that was written "as if from Paul." He wrote to settle their confusion over the same issues that plague most prophecy discussions today: Will the church experience the Great Tribulation? When does the Antichrist appear?

Includes MP3 files

This is a 4 DVD set containing the following 8 sessions: