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  Jonah, Nahum & Obadiah


by Chuck Missler


    CD-ROM - R 169.00

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36 pgs Jonah


18 pgs Nahum


24 pgs Obadiah


Media Type: MP3 on CD-ROM
Published 01-Oct-2004
Published by Koinonia House
KHID#: CD045

Did you realize that there are at least three prophets in the Old Testament that were called specifically to prophesy regarding the Gentiles? Obviously, most of the Bible deals with history - both past and future - through the ''lens'' of Israel. But here are three short books that focus on Gentile history and each one has a specific application to you and me today.

This brand new commentary includes:

  • 4 sessions on The Book of Jonah
    Session 1 : The call and flight of Jonah
    Session 2 : Jonah's prayer from the belly of the fish
    Session 3 : The mission to Nineveh
    Session 4 : The vine, the worm, and the east wind
  • 2 sessions on The Book of Nahum
    Session 1 : The Burden of Nineveh
    Session 2 : Woe to the bloody city
  • 1 session on The Book of Obadiah
  • As a special bonus we've included our related Briefing Pack The Next Holocaust & The Refuge In Edom

This MP3 CD-ROM product includes:

  • 8 multimedia slideshow presentations
  • 8 mp3 audio files
  • 1 notes file in pdf format