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  Judges - Commentary

by Chuck Missler

CD-ROM - R 179.00

All prices are in South African Rands

Printed Study Notes

186 pgs

Study Notes Price R 119.00

Now in one, self-contained CD-ROM (compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems) which includes:
  • Over 20 hours of Verse-by-Verse audio teaching through the books of Judges as MP3 files.
  • Extensive searchable study notes as PDF files.
  • A special message from Chuck Missler.
  • Listings of other MP3 resources.
  • All software included to play MP3 files.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    This program will read the PDF notes.

This Commentary includes the following studies:

  • Judges 1: Introduction. Fighting the Enemy. Sparing the Enemy. Neglecting God's Word.
  • Judges 2 - 3: Imitating the Enemy. Obeying the Enemy. The Insidious Cycle.
  • Judges 4 - 5: Sisera and Jael: "Nailing down the Details." The Song of Deborah.
  • Judges 6 - 7: Gideon - God's Man in Manasseh. Gideon's Fleece.
  • Judges 7 - 8: Gideon's Army. Winning the War but Losing the Victory.
  • Judges 9: Abimelech's political career: Seizing the Kingdom; Defending the Kingdom; Losing the Kingdom.
  • Judges 10 - 11: The Dismal Pattern Continues. Jephthah's Four Arguments.
  • Judges 11 - 12: Jephthah's Vow. A Resolution. Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon.
  • Judges 13 - 14: The Philistines. Samson. A Child of Promise. Nazarites.
  • Judges 15 - 16: Samson and the Jawbone Defeat a Thousand Philistines. Delilah. Parallels between the Life of Samson and the Legends of Hercules.
  • Judges 17 - 18: Confusion in the Home. Confusion in the Ministry. Confusion in Society.
  • Judges 19 - 20: The Levite and his Concubine. The Civil War Against the Tribe of Benjamin.
  • Judges 21: What to do with the remaining Benjamites? Finding wives for them.
  • Judges Summary: Incomplete Obedience. The Cycle of Sin. Practical Applications.
  • Ruth 1-2: Introduction. Ruth Stays with Naomi. Boaz: "Let her Glean."
  • Ruth 3 - 4: The Threshing Floor. Hems. The Kinsman Redeemer. Types.