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Media Type: DVD
Published 30-Apr-2010
Published by Koinonia House

Run Time: 6 hour's)
Number of discs: 3


Koinonia Institute presents the 2010 Southeast Regional Strategic Perspectives Conference on DVD, intel and insight to understand the times.

This Three DVD set has a run time of approximately six hours.


Mosab Yousef - Son Of Hamas.
Steve Berger - Have Heart
Dan Stolebarger - Tikkum Olam.
Chuck Missler - The Enigma Of Edom.
David Nasser - The Simplicity Of The Gospel. 
Don Finto - Grafted In.
Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak - Saved By Her Enemy.
Grace Chapel Worship - Worship Music


P<>rice R 399.00




Dr. Chuck Missler - Founder - Koinonia House ''Why Israel''

Moshe Ya'alon - Vice-Prime Minister of Israel

 ''Challenges Facing Israel Today''

Amir Tsarfati - Capt. Israel

 Defense Force ''Will Israel Stand Alone''

Avner Talmon - Lt. Col. - IDF Paratroopers ''Living On The Golan''

Itamar Marcus - Dir. Palestinian Media ''Palestinian Society Through Media''


Strategic Perspectives


Imagine traveling to Israel and not only seeing the traditional Biblical sites and enjoying Bible studies with a great Bible teacher, but also visiting military bases, meeting IDF soldiers on Israel's front line of defense, and hearing from some of the top experts in Israel, who can give you a clear under-standing of what is really going on inside Israel today.

 Strategic Perspectives - Israel:

Israel from the Inside reveals the sights and insights experienced during the Koinonia Institute's Issachar Tour. This six-session DVD set begins with a video collage entitled ''Insight from the Inside'', which portrays the essence of what it is like to be on an Issachar Tour with Dr. Chuck Missler.

 Price: R 399.00

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by Various


Price:  3 x DVD Discs

(+) 8 Hours

DVD Price R 499.00

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Koinonia Institute presents it's 2009 Strategic Perspectives IV Conference Coeur d' Alene Idaho on DVD, intel and insight to understand the times.

3 DVD Set


  • Steve Berger - Responding To The Presence Of God.

  • Matt Mikalatos - Imaginary Jesus.

  • Chuck Missler - A Call To Action.

  • Dr. Grant Jeffrey - Shadow Government.

  • Joseph Farah - Middle East Beast.

  • Frank Peretti - Going Through The Middle.

  • Walid Shoebat - Israel's Enemies.


Koinonia Institute presents its 2009 Southeast Regional Strategic Perspectives Conference on DVD, intel and insight to understand the times.

SE Conference 2009

  • Steve Berger - Christ's Final Command.

  • Skip Heitzig - Casualties On The Battlefield Of Truth.

  • Chuck and Nancy Missler - The Kingdom, Power and Glory.

  • Kevin Dodge - You Can't Out Give God.

  • Walid Shoebat - Islam and The AntiChrist.

  •  Dan Stolebarger - Clean Hands and A Pure Heart.

  • DVD Series - R 399.00

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    Strategic Perspectives 111

    • Koinonia Institute presents it's Strategic Perspectives Conference III, intel and insight to understand the times. Nine guest speakers and Chuck Missler give insights into current events which affect our lives.


    • Amir Tsarfati - ''Israel and Her Challenges''

    • David Hocking - ''The Importance of the Modern State of Israel''

    • Steve Berger - ''The Danger of Being Dead Right'' 

    • The Richie Furay Band

    • Kevin Dodge - ''The Economics of Fear''

    • Bill Cloud - "Light in a Dark Place''

    • Dan Stolebarger - ''What Are You Doing For Christís Sake''

    • Chuck Missler - ''Strategic Trends Update''

    • John Loeffler - ''Prophecy in Crisis''

    • Walid Shoebat - ''Islamic Eschatology''


    Price:  3 x DVD Discs

    (+) 10  Hours

    DVD Price R 399.00

    Status: In stock

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    Southern California

    • Session 1- Joseph Farah Weeping For Talmuz

    • Session 2- Dr. Chuck Missler Boundaries of Reality

    • Session 3- Dennis Agajanian Special Music

    • Session 4-Joel Rosenberg All Eyes on the Epicentre

    • Session 5-Paul McGuire Signs Of The Times

    • Session 6- Dr. Tim LaHaye God's Merciful Acts In Revelation

    • Session 7-Ray Comfort A Nation In Distress

    • Session 8-Dr. Bob Cornuke Lessons From The Ledge

    • Session 9-Gen. Shimon Erem Israel At 60: What Does The Future Hold

    • Session 10-Walid Shoebat Islam In The Bible

     Price:  3 x DVD Discs

    (+) 10  Hours

    DVD Price R 399.00

    Status: In stock

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     Strategic Perspectives Conference 2008. Intelligence, insight, and inspiration. The following nine speakers bring you up to date on strategic perspectives.


    Strat Perspec 1 Strat Perspec 11 Strat Perspec SC

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    R 399.00

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    DVD Price

    R 399.00

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    DVD Price:

     R 399.00

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    DVD Price: 

    R 269.00

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    for all four  DVD's R1469.00

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    Only available on this Link Below.

    Strategic Perspectives Archives

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