Re-Igniting the Passion - DVD

Nancy Missler

Price: R 299.00

Media Type: DVD x 2 Disc + CD Rom Facilitators Guide

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Introducing our New IN HIS LIKENESS DVD Series

Why are More Christians Divorcing now than Non-Christians?
This new DVD Series will Help Couples to Restore Oneness in Their Marriage.
Chuck and Nancy Missler

his new and unique DVD series contains two DVD's with four 45 minute sessions. Also included is one CD with a facilitator's package for printing.

The facilitator's package explains how to use the DVD for:

  1. Conferences
  2. Retreats
  3. Small and/or large Groups
  4. Private Individuals
  5. Counsellors, etc

This DVD includes Drama with Christian actors, Counselling sessions with a Christian Counsellor, and Biblical teaching on Marriage and Communication.

Video Clip

Authentic true to life Dramas that highlight the problems so many Christians face in their marriages.
Actual Counselling sessions that clarify the problems and present solutions.
Both followed by teaching sessions that explain why the problem occurred; what God would have us do to fix them; and how to implement that change in our marriage.


"As soon as I watched this DVD series, I realized my Christian marriage was not what it should be. I sat down with my husband and  we talked about the changes we needed to make. Now, my marriage has made a complete turnaround and our communication, passion, and love for each other has truly been re-ignited!"  Tiffany

All sessions include a 3D tour through Solomon's Temple and include numerous charts and slides.